MAUI / Hawaii

Map of MauiMuch has been said and written about Maui, but there remain many untold stories and emotions associated with this windsurfing mecca. Look down and the water is the deepest of blues. Look to your left and you see people taking lessons. Look far to your right and you see pros throwing loops off nothing. Everyone who has had the good luck to sail at Maui long enough (including myself) has a great story to tell, in fact, many great stories . . . breaking or losing half of their sailing equipment on the infamous and dreaded Hookipa "rocks" and the feeling of absolute terror in the impact zone with not a breath of wind in your sail.On a given day, Maui has a greater variety of sailing conditions for all levels of boardsailors than anywhere in the world. Maui's motto says it all :"MAUI NO KA OI". Translated it's :Maui is the best.This is truly a place designed for Windsurfing.



Sailing Conditions:

For those looking for high winds: visit Maui in the summer. From May to August, the northeast trade winds average 15 to 25 miles/hr, with many days in the 20 to 30 mile/hr range. The summer is also when the wave swell is at its smallest. For those who are looking for Maui's famous surf: visit it when there are both trades and waves - spring (March to May) and fall (September to November). From December to February, the northeasterlies are less consistent, but there are still great sailing days during this time - big wave days especially! During the winter, Kona storms will bring in 10-to 20-knot southwesterlies to the south shore. The sailing is side-onshore, port tack, with conditions similar to lake sailing. Another typical winter occurrence is 5-to 15-knot northerlies. These winds funnel between the West Maui Mountains and the Haleakala Crater creating great side-offshore, slalom sailing on the south shore.



Sailing Spots:

KANAHA BEACH PARK - Kanaha is a beautiful beach park with long, sandy beaches, grassy area for rigging, fresh water showers, shading trees, and picnic tables, all located in Kahului on the northshore. Sideshore northeast tradewinds blow consistently during June - August, with typically flat water sailing on the inside, and good bump and jump conditions on the outside. Between October and May you can find waves on the outside reefs, ranging from small wind swell to expert wave riding conditions. Most windsurf schools operate at Kanaha because of the consistent wind and warm water. All year round it is a perfect place for any level sailor.

SprecksSPRECKELSVILLE / CAMP ONE - Up the coast from Kanaha there is a residential area called Spreckelsville which has many beautiful sandy beaches. The main area to sail is affectionately known as "Sprecks", which provides pristine blue-green water and white sandy beach. Parking is limited, so arrive early. There are no facilities or showers. The sailing level is typically intermediate to advanced, with the reef making for more chop and breaking waves. Camp One is a no frills beach at the end of the Kahului Airport runway. The place has no showers, no grass rigging areas, no toilet, and barely a trash can. It does have a beautiful beach and the only breaking waves for most of the summer. The place is frequented by German's, Australians, Italians, French and mean local windsurfers. It's a place where you want to be polite and follow the local traditions and laws to the letter. Rude and unlawfull windsurfers have been known to get worked (on the shore too).Hookipa Spot

HOOKIPA - Hookipa is the windsurfing mecca of the world. Host to World Cup sailing and surfing contests, Hookipa rips. Jagged lava rock, exposed reefs, a gnarly shorebreak, light inside winds and powerful rip currents make this north shore difficult to launch off limits for most sailors. Experts launch from the Beach Park, just downwind from the pavillion. Expect crowds, with many sailors lulling around the outside and looking for a good wave to rip on the inside. When the water flattens in the summer months, slalom sailors launch here at Hookipa and blast downwind along the north shore.

KIHEI - Kihei is the south shore's most popular windsurfing spot. When the tradewinds blow north/northeast the pavillion located at the intersection of Ohukai Street and South Kihei Road is a great place to sail. The reef can be shallow on the inside, especially near the Maui Sunset, so consult the locals before venturing out. Kihei is good for all level sailors and has a variety of accommodations nearby!

Who to call:

Al West's Maui Windsurfing Vans: 800-870-4084
Alan Cadiz's HST Windsurf School: 800-YOU-JIBE
Coconuts Boy: 808-871-5084
Excursions Extraordinaires: 800-678-2252
Hawaiian Island Surf and Sport: 800-231-6958
Hi-Tech Hawaii: 808-877-2111
Hookipa Haven Vacation: 800-398-6284
Hot Sails Maui: 808-877-4433
Kanaha Beach Windsurfing: 808-876-0157
Maui Windsurfari: 800-736-MAUI
Maui Windsurf Company/Cort Larned School: 808-877-4816
Maui Windsurfing Vans: 800358-2377
Sailboards Maui: 800-328-8877
Sailboard Vacations/Club Mistral: 800-252-1070
Second Wind Sail & Surf: 808-877-7467
Second Wind Travel Connection: 800-936-RSVP
Surf Rents Trucks & Cargo Vans: 808-244-5544
Vela Windsurf Resorts: 800-223-5443
Windrigger Maui/Club Mistral: 800-345-MAUI
Windsurfing West: 8003-580-2377
Windsurfing West Vacations: 800-782-6105
Windsurfing Vacations: 800-635-1155