Fuerteventura / Spain

Last updated: 23/01/98


Fuerteventura is a famouse place for windsurfing: The first professional windsurfing worldcup was carried out on the island and the first speed record has been set. The island has a lot of faces, in the north you will find a lot of really good wave spots, while in the south you have flat water conditions.The tradewinds are blowing constantly the whole year. In summer you will find a high wind area in the south, called Sotavento. The wind is blowing up to 9 Bft.(45 knots) offshore and the water is totally flat, so it's perfect for high speed sailing and jibing. In the north you will have the best conditions in winter, provided that the tradewinds are blowing. At this time you'll find perfect wave-sailing conditions . I have been there a couple of times, in summer and even in winter. In my eyes, Fuerte is the number one of the Canary Islands, because you will find the greatest variety of sailing for speed sailors and even wave sailors. Fuerte is the best. It never becomes boring. Hope to see you there soon. Sotavento

Coastline at Sotavento


Map of Fuerteventura


Fuerteventura is part of the Canary Islands chain.

1731 Km2,with 30 km,length 100km

Spots totally:12

Wave Spots 7

Wave-Slalom Spots: 3

Speed-Slalom-Spots: 2

Beginners Spots: 2

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Sailing Conditions:


1. Glass Beach:

On this locations you will find a nice swell breaking on a reef. The nice thing is that if you fall into the water on the reef, don't worry; keep your legs up and wait, because the current will take you down the reef into flat sandy water. Here it is nice for riding the waves. Best conditions in the afternoon. Tradewinds are blowing sideshore. Should be prefered in the summer swell.

2. Flag Beach: Flag Beach

Situated at the Ben Thomas Windsurfing Center, this spot is the ideal place for intermediate sailers and for slalom racing. When the waves are getting higher, you will find a nice wave spot.It's a good starting point to make a trip to 'Lobos' , a small island between Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.

3. Rocky Point: Rocky Point

This place rocks. There's a lava-reef that reaches up to the beach. Wearing shoes is a must! If you get to the outside, you will find almost perfect waves. Ecellent spot to combine Surfing and Windsurfing.


4. Bay of Corralejo: Bay of Corralejo

In the inner section of the bay, you will find perfect slalom conditions, while further to the outside a nice reef offers big waves. A more comfortable place to get towards the Rocky Point. Directly at the beach is a nice bar and restaurant called "Waikikii".Check it out in the evening !!!

5. Shooting Place:

Situated near the harbour of Corralejo, this is a real hardcore spot. Jagged lava rock and exposed reefs makes it difficult to get to the outside.

6. Mejillones:

I have never been there yet !

7. Majanicho:

I have never been there yet !

8. Punta Blanca:

I have never been there yet !

9. El Cotillo: El Cotillo

On the west coast, 20 minutes from Corallejo. This place is for experts only , because the current is very strong,the waves can reach up to 4 metres and sometimes there are close-out conditions. It's not easy to start from the beach, but when you once managed it to get out and your material is still all right you will have the best day you ever had.

10. Costa Calma:

A good place to start your Windsurfing career.

11. Sotavento: Sotavento

In summer,the wind is blowing very strong and allmost off-shore. Perfect flat water conditions for high speed sailing and jibing. Every year in July, the PWA Worldcup is carried out at Sotavento.

The René Egli Windsurfing Center,which is the biggest worldwide, is located directly at the beach.



If the north-eastern tradewinds are blowing in summer,the wind is more gusty and not as strong as at Sotavento. Sometimes in winter, the wind is blowing from southern directions.This time of year offers the best conditions at Jandia.