River Rhein - Bingen / Germany

last updated 11/08/01



Map Bingen is situated 30 km (18 miles) away from Frankfurt and 15 km ( 24 miles) from Wiesbaden.  Take a look a the german map beside to get a better impression where to find that spot. At Bingen the Rhine River flows through a hilly landscape with a lot of vineyards.
The spot is located directly in front of a hotel called "Atlantis Rheinhotel". Best place to park your car and rig your sail is directly at the shore of the river.

Sailing Conditions:

This spot works only under a certain weather situation. There must be a high pressure sytem somewhere in the north of Germany with wind blowing from northern or eastern wind directions.The wind always blows against the current, so that no one can expel. Best season of course is summer. Sails are used from 5.0 to 6.5. Bingen is not completely harmless, it's a spot for advanced sailors only. Waterstarting is a must ! There are a lot of cargo ships and you should also take care of an immersed wall in the middle of the river, in case the water level is to low (watch your fin ! ).


One early morning in summer 2001, the german televison station SAT1 visited myself and my friends in Bingen and filmed us. You can watch the movie here:

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